Sicilian Experience

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What better way to start the week? Our grand volcano, known as Mount Etna, also known as the mother. Mount Etna is the largest active volcano in Europe, measuring 3350 meters, a UNESCO site, she lets herself be heard. We ascend the southeastern side of the volcano and reach the Silvester Craters which are at approx. 2,000 meters where the road ends. From there it is your choice to proceed or not. Should you choose to proceed to the summit you can purchase a ticket that will take you up to the craters, first by cable car than by off-road jeep like vehicles and with professional guidance thanks to the presence of our licensed volcanologists. Stop to enjoy the activity of our volcano in the safety zones. Should you choose not to reach the summit it is still a fabulous experience even at 2000 meters. The vast territory of the volcano allows you to have a better idea of volcanos and how important they are for our planet. We strongly recommend warm clothing and closed suitable shoes. Language Available: English  
Catania is the second largest city in Sicily after Palermo, our capital. Since the 1600s the heart of Catania has hosted one of the most impressive outdoor markets of the Mediterranean. The fish mongers and the fruit stands are many, the venders sell their products by singing during the peak moment when the housewives and restaurant owners are out to get the best products at the best prices. It is chaotic like all cities, and fun. This market represents the heart of the real Catania. Should you choose this tour led by our local expert, be prepared to also taste some street food, depending on what’s offered on that day, the guide will know. After our visit of the market the local guide will guide and show you the important sites in the area including the DUOMO and Municipal building and much more. Catania is also a wonderful opportunity for those that love to shop. By 1:00 pm the city will shut down and everything closes due to the heat and siesta, have a light lunch somewhere or an ice cream sandwich, typical of Catania, we leave after lunch and make our way back to Taormina VIA Riviera of the Cyclops to see the fantastic views and lava flows around the hips of Mount. Language Available: English    
The film THE GODFATHER is a well-known classic movie that Francis Ford Coppola filmed in Sicily. The film was made due to a novel written by an author named Mario Puzzo. Many are convinced that the film was made in Corleone, near Palermo. Not so, the movie was made not far from Taormina, Savoca and Forza D'Agro were the towns chosen by Coppola. We would like to show you this area. The position that the towns have are quite dramatic, nestled up in the Nebrodi Mountains, these two towns seem to have remained still, standing in time, no progress. The faces you meet are the ones of the movie. Historically these 2 towns once represented part of the lushest and productive farming areas of the eastern coastline. There is a lot to be said not only of the film making but also of the history. Getting to the towns is a tour in itself. The tour is fun, short, it’s a half day, and close. You will have a local expert guide through both towns. Language Available: English    
For those you that are here on our island for the first time it’s important to visit the city of Siracusa which is the oldest of the GREEK colonies built in Sicily, after Naxos. Siracusa was the capital of the Greek Sicily. At its peak moment it vouched a population of 350,000 inhabitants, making Siracusa the 3rd largest city of the Mediterranean of that time. Our local expert will guide you through the history and the downfall of this magnificent city showing you the most important sections still standing. Our tour begins at the Archeological park of Neapolis in the city. We will see the theater, quarries, Ear of Dionisius, and also the Roman Amphitheater. The tour is divided in two parts, after visiting  the park we then move to the other part of the city which is the oldest part. ORTIGIA, our local guide will take you through the winding hidden side streets and show you the real Siracusa ending at the stunning Piazza DUOMO, those that wish to visit the inside of the Duomo will be guided through it with our guide Language Available: English      
In the last 30 years Mount Etna has become quite well known due to the spectacular territory that the volcano offers. This tour is above all for wine lovers and for those that wish to become wine lovers. The northwestern side of our volcano hosts today approx. 150 wineries. We would like to present a winery that produces a selection of wines by not using only using local grapes such as Barbazalle, Grillo, but also other grapes such as Syrah arriving from faraway lands. These new and old grapes have found a home on our volcano enjoying the new terroirs and becoming fine wines. Please join us and discover this oasis called COTTANERA Winery. Cottanera is a small winery that does not produce hundreds of thousands of bottles of wine, but rather a smaller more refined wine. The winery is found in the Alcantara Valley area also known as Castiglione. We will ascend the northern slopes of the volcano and reach the 2,000-meter area, we will be forced to stop, the road was devoured by the intense lava flow of 2001/2002. This lava flow was so big thus destroying everything, the flow of the volcano was never cleared but, forgotten and abandoned. For this reason it is so unique, man has not intervened. Should you choose this tour it is not possible to reach the summit. None the less, the guide walks you through the lava flow and if you wish to hike up a bit you may. We then proceed to COTTANERA Winery, our host will accompany you for the wine tasting of 4 wines paired with local cheeses and their own production of Salami and other products. We will also visit the vineyards (weather permitting), the winery it self including the production area and much more. After visiting COTTANERA you will feel that you know more about wine and will also appreciate the value of our Volcano. We strongly recommend warm clothing and closed suitable shoes. Language Available: English   Please note: A minimum number of 6 partecipants is required.