Culinary Collection 

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What about immerse yourself in a typical neapolitan Pizzeria in the heart of Sorrento and have fun by making your own pizza? Enjoy a nice walk in Sorrento and then make your day different by joining us on a Pizza Show with an expert chef Who will explain you how to become a real “pizzaiolo” for one day. Taste your homemade pizza and, if this is not your time to make a pizza to your friends once at home, do not worry! Our chef will have the pleasure to prepare it for you! Language available: English
Enjoy a funny Pizza making session in one of the best locations on Sorrento hills. You’ll be welcomed by the friendly’s staff hospitality and introduced to the pleasant atmosphere of the restaurant. After having worn your own apron and chef’s hat, you’ll experience how to make a really good pizza under the supervision of a professional “pizzaiolo”. You’ll taste your handmade pizza but also slices of different kind of authentic pizza! Choose to spend a different half day and take back home your new acquired Pizza making ability to share with your friends! Language available: English, German, Spanish
The famous Gelateria David is waiting to give you a magnificent experience making Italian Gelato! A fully fledged school, what the Gelateria David wants to offer its guests is a demonstration on the preparation of real craft ice cream. Mario, the owner, will explain what ingredients and what techniques to use to have a genuinely good finished product. At the end of the demonstration the participants will be invited to taste the produce of the moment and will also be able to choose from the various flavours of daily production in the exhibition window. Please note: Afternoon lesson. Language available: English
A chance to get your hands dirty using recipes handed down from generation to the next to prepare a wonderful gelato! It can happen only in one of the most famous Gelateria in Sorrento. Get all the ingredients ready to make your own handmade gelato choosing from 5/6 different flavours. After having received all the instructions, put the ingredients in the gelato machine and be ready to taste the result! You’ll be able to check the difference between the taste of the daily production and your handmade gelato and see what’s the best! Please note: A minimum number of 4 participants is required. Language available: English
A perfect occasion to taste, learn and experience the secrets of the Italian culinary lifestyle in an extraordinary spot. Our chef will welcome you with a drink, introducing you to the preparation of the recipes of the day of the Neapolitan cuisine in one of the most beautiful places of the Sorrento Coast. This tasty experience, which includes old fashioned mixed with a creative touch that enhances typical seasonal products and takes place in a familiar and convivial atmosphere. At the end of the class, you will gather around a typical familiar table and enjoy the dishes prepared. Please note: Not recommended for children under 8 years old. Language available: English, Spanish, German